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CO2 emissions saved every hour equivalent to one of the following:
  • 46,555 gallons of gasoline consumed
  • 17,239 propane cylinders used for home barbeques
  • 10,608 tree seedlings grown for 10 years
  • 87.1 passenger vehicles’ annual green house gas emissions
Kupper Engineering, Inc., founded in 2004, is located in suburban Philadelphia, PA. Kupper Engineering provides superior, full service professional engineering and engineering support—from planning and design to implementation and commissioning. Our experienced team delivers timely, efficient, and cost-effective solutions. View Our Company Profile (PDF)

At Kupper, we believe engineering must evolve—keeping pace with ever changing realities, technologies, practices and methodologies. In every practice, we’ve adapted and responded to changes by integrating new ideas, concepts, and techniques to our existing depth of knowledge and expertise. Our clients, partners and vendors have rewarded us with their appreciation, their trust and their business. In the 8 years Kupper Engineering has been in business, we find ourselves rapidly expanding our core offerings and leading the industry in renewable energy and mission critical engineering.