Renewable Energy

The need to control energy costs while displaying a responsible corporate sustainability posture is important to our clients.

Our renewable energy experience encompasses all spectrums of cogeneration projects from coast to coast, including landfill/biogas to energy, solar, and wind.

As costs and regulations rise, our team is here to help you weigh options to augment your existing profiles and maximize your investment.

Landfill Gas & Biogas to Energy

Kupper Engineering was one of the first engineering firms to provide electrical engineering services for these specialized facilities. Kupper takes these facilities from conceptual design through utility interconnection. Recently, we delivered a large 12.8MW facility. This project included coordinating interfaces for relay protection, switchgear, as well as control wiring for low/medium voltage distribution systems. Our team also assisted in the procurement and coordination of telemetry services. Kupper’s clients also leverage our capabilities end to end, tying these projects to their SCADA and Control Systems.

SCADA and PLC Control Systems

SCADA and PLC control systems for renewable energy sites are designed to integrate the site by communicating with all sub-systems that make up the overall system. The system is primarily used as a monitoring system with an HMI interface for operators to view the site locally or from a remote location. Data points from each sub-system are historicized in a database and used for operations and permitting reports, as well as for troubleshooting. These systems include limited control of building accessories and associated skid start/stop. Maintenance screens, manual and automated reporting, web interfacing, onsite startup, maintenance, and troubleshooting are available.


Kupper Engineering designs solar energy plants and AC distribution systems for Fortune 500 clients. Our list of successful projects includes the design and delivery of a 20MW solar energy facility. Beyond generation systems, our solar design services also include AC interconnection, monitoring, metering, combiner box design, DC string calculations, inverter interconnection, security cameras, and lighting.


We deliver complete wind turbine generation projects, including utility interconnection, in which the energy can be sold back to the utility or to an adjacent energy user. Our robust design includes switchgear, underground duct banks, and fiber optic communications infrastructure. Additionally, we coordinate control interfaces between intertie relays, switchgear, and turbines.