Mission Critical Systems

The data center is no longer static. Age old engineering principals are coming under greater scrutiny because the logic and principals no longer apply to the new fluidity of modern devices. Understanding your options and how they impact redundancy and cost are critical to data center design, build, and ongoing operation.

At Kupper Engineering we have grown with our clients’ needs and their environments. We understand the changing landscape of highly interactive infrastructure and its impact on supporting electrical and mechanical systems.

Sequence of Operation

Higher tiers with more sophisticated systems require a customized sequence of operations for clients to operate and maintain their systems. Kupper develops customized sequence of operation documentation that is used for testing, maintenance, and planned upgrades. We provide on-site representation and client support for verification of sequence, which limits exposure to unplanned downtime and saves our clients capital and operating expenses.


Kupper’s experienced team has completed numerous commissioning and peer review projects, adding a critical eye and insight that delivers value and peace of mind to our clients. The breadth and depth of our team’s knowledge and attention to detail ensures that no component will be overlooked, which increases uptime probability.

Integrated Systems Testing

Best practices are being developed and deployed at an exponential rate. Evaluating and leveraging these emerging concepts and technologies can yield tremendous cost savings in both design and ongoing operation. Kupper integrates these elements into your projects with the underpinning of sound engineering principals and diligent adherence to your redundancy requirements. Our flexible approach incorporates all these elements, allowing your project to weigh cost and benefit to methods that match your budgets and organizational risk tolerance. Concepts that were once thought to be impossible in data centers can now become realities with Kupper’s services.

Data Center Design

Kupper has designed over 100 data centers, call centers, and computer rooms for retail investment banking, pharmaceutical companies, interactive retailers, hospitals, and more. Kupper can be engaged from budgeting and requirements gathering through design, construction, commissioning, and start up.