Protective Relays and Studies

Kupper Engineering has vast experience in testing, commissioning, and modifying electrical, mechanical, HVAC, and IT systems for clients whose infrastructure must not fail. Our work in Fortune 500 data centers, world renowned hospitals, and major sports stadiums speaks volumes in regard to our experience and the trust our clients afford us.

Our highly qualified staff maximizes clients’ availability of electrical, mechanical, HVAC, and IT systems by conducting various types of studies including energy analysis, feasibility studies, and short circuit and coordination studies with arc flash hazard analysis.

Short Circuit and Coordination Studies with Arc Flash Hazard Analysis

Safety is of the utmost importance. Our team performs short circuit and coordination studies with arc flash hazard analysis for existing or new facilities, ranging in size from a few breakers to multiple buildings with utility intertie, including generation plants. These efforts require firmly established experience to ensure codes are met and our clients’ employees are safe.

Feasibility Studies

We support existing and new infrastructure by reviewing and verifying design intent. We work with clients to help determine infrastructure needs and limitations and that both specifications and drawings accurately reflect actual installation and allow for potential expansion, retrofits, and upgrades.

Energy Analysis

How companies generate, use, and manage energy has never been more important. We perform services that enable our clients to implement strategies and manage their energy related systems by giving them a better understanding of how to achieve optimal leverage. We factor into our energy analysis the economics, condition, controllability, and compliance of existing systems, providing reports that detail the concerns and outline potential corrective measures.