Landfill Gas, Biogas, and Renewable Natural Gas (RNG)

Greentree Landfill RNG Facility

Kupper Engineering provided full electrical engineering and mechanical engineering services, as well as a complete control system for the new hydrogen sulfide (H2S) removal system and ancillary equipment at the Greentree Landfill’s 4000 scfm renewable natural gas (RNG) facility. Our team procured the motor control center and provided coordination of implementing the new equipment with the existing equipment. Kupper also designed and built a custom system control panel and integrated the new system into the existing control system and SCADA. Our systems integrators provided startup and commissioning support for the project.

3.4 MW Biogas Food Waste Recycling Plant

Kupper Engineering provided electrical engineering services for a 3.4 MW biogas food waste recycling plant, which diverts 100,000 tons of organic material from landfills to produce approximately 29,000 megawatt-hours of steady state power on an annual basis.  Services included 13.2kV medium voltage interconnection design and PSE&G documentation, as well as electrical engineering of the medium voltage system for grounding design, 15kV medium voltage cables, conduits for SCADA connections to the biogas SCADA system, and design of generator step-up (GSU) transformers.  Kupper provided a short circuit and coordination study for the 15kV systems and generators, as well as relay settings per PSE&G requirements.  Our team also provided site support during initial energization by loading the relay settings file, assisting the NETA testing company with the witness test, and finalizing the relay program at switchgear startup.  Structural engineering design services were provided by a subcontractor to Kupper, and included structural pad design for the switchgear pads and GSU transformers.

High BTU Plant Conversion from LFG to RNG

Kupper Engineering provided electrical engineering design services for a new high BTU plant to convert landfill gas to renewable natural gas.  Kupper drafted single line diagrams for all systems, including medium voltage (15kV service, 5kV motors).  Our team also provided a major electrical equipment layout plan, and electrical design, which included miscellaneous power to skids, devices, and building, wire and conduit run list, panel schedules, communications conduits, lightning protection, and a short circuit study to determine minimum AIC ratings for electrical components.  Kupper determined the interconnection voltage and handled utility interconnection coordination with the local utility.

High BTU Plant Conversion from LFG to RNG

New Holland, PA

We provided electrical engineering design services, including single line diagrams for all systems (medium and high voltage) of a 15kV service, 4.16kV for soft starters and large compressors, and below 600V for MCCs with VFDs and switchboards.  Our team also provided a major electrical equipment layout plan, and a sample wire run list and cost details for electrical contractors.

Wastewater Treatment Plant Digester Gas Fuel Cell

Southern California

We provided electrical engineering design services for a wastewater treatment plant, which occupies a 40-acre site and treats approximately 175 million gallons of wastewater per day.

Engineering services included utility interconnection, 4.16kV power distribution design, pre-purchase specifications for the MCC transformer and soft starter, single line diagrams, control interconnection wiring schedules, grounding design, and design of the interface with San Diego Gas & Electric’s gas meter.  We completed a coordination study up to tie-in of 5kV breaker upstream relay and provided the 480V and 208V power distribution design for all miscellaneous loads, including but not limited to: water treatment system, fuel cell lighting area, chiller air compressor, oil pump, chilled water pumps, and an exhaust system.  We provided all specifications and drawings, and completed signed and sealed drawings for permits.

The facility purifies wastewater digester gas and feeds it back into the natural gas pipeline system.  The biogas generated from the process is enough to power 4.5 MW of renewable, highly efficient, fuel cell generation.

Dairy Digester RNG Facility

Cactus, TX

We provided electrical and controls system engineering design services for the installation of 1450 SCFM digester gas to a renewable natural gas (RNG) facility. Our team also provided coordination of new medium voltage interconnection with the utility. Design documents included PFDs, specifications for procurement of major equipment and materials, electrical single line diagrams, control system network diagrams and equipment and software specifications, and controls system wiring diagrams. We also provided specifications for SCADA and programmable logic controllers.  (Project pending completion)